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Characteristics of Greensand MAT schoolS

Characteristics of Greensand MAT Schools

We help children step into their greatness,

through helping staff step into their greatness

and growing great schools.

We believe that every person has their own, individual greatness.

Children on stage in a school play

Greensand schools have the highest expectations for all

Greensand schools are driven to help every child, regardless of starting point or background, make excellent academic progress and achieve outcomes that enable them to thrive in the next stage of their life.  We make no exceptions and no excuses.

Greensand schools enrich children’s lives

Through the provision of a stimulating curriculum and a wide range of inspirational and enriching opportunities that includes drama, dance, art, music, sport, crafts, cultural and social events, Greensand schools are relentless in helping children discover and develop a lifelong passion for the pursuits they love. 

Greensand schools prioritise the training, development and support of staff

By providing clear career pathways, coupled with high quality training and support, Greensand schools create environments where every member of staff has the ability to step into their greatness. Greensand schools are places where people want to work and enjoy their jobs. Our schools take their responsibility for staff wellbeing very seriously and ensure that every individual has a voice that is listened to.

Greensand staff are always striving to provide an excellent education and helping every child to step into their greatness.

Greensand schools use the PACE framework

Greensand schools have a shared understanding of excellent teaching as detailed in our PACE (Pedagogy, Assessment, Curriculum and Expectations) framework.  Every school in our Trust has a PACE leader who is a member of the Trust PACE leadership team.  Together, the team are continually engaged in high quality training and development, utilising the latest evidence-based research to ensure that our framework has the greatest impact on children’s outcomes.

Greensand schools are welcoming

Greensand schools provide a comprehensive education to the children in their local community.  Our schools welcome their stakeholders and neighbours, encouraging partnerships and shared initiatives with schools and other organisations that serve the same community.

Greensand schools have positive learning environments

Our schools are places where people want to be, feel proud to be a part of and are inspiring. Children, staff and visitors treat each other respectfully and with kindness. Children are taught and supported to make good choices about how they behave towards others and their environment.

Greensand schools collaborate, support and challenge

Our schools collaborate with the other schools in the Trust.  Staff dedicate time to support colleagues in other schools and everyone welcomes critique from their peers as a tool for school improvement. We continually challenge ourselves to always be even better tomorrow than we are today. 

We believe these are the key characteristics of successful schools.