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Welcoming Horley Infants and Yattendon School to our Trust

Welcoming Horley Infants and Yattendon School to Greensand Multi Academy Trust

In an exciting new chapter, we are delighted to announce that both Horley Infant School and Yattendon School have joined our Multi Academy Trust. Both schools enjoyed a ‘Green Day’ on Monday to celebrate the news, dressed in green and with plenty of fun activities!

Through operating within our core values of collaboration, support and challenge, we strive to help every child and member of staff step into their greatness.

By fostering collaboration, we share best-practices, resources, and innovative ideas across all our academies. Support ensures that every member of our community feels valued and equipped to succeed, whilst challenge drives us to set high expectations and continuously strive for excellence in everything we do.

Joining our Trust means becoming part of a supportive network of schools, each bringing their unique strengths and experiences.

Horley Infant’s vision of “inspiring all to achieve” alongside Yattendon’s mission to help children “achieve their potential through appropriate challenges” aligns perfectly with our commitment to provide enriched learning experiences in nurturing environments where both our children and staff can flourish.

"Horley Infant School and Yattendon School are both delighted to officially join Greensand Multi Academy Trust after a successful two-year period as Associate Schools. This transition marks a significant step forward for both our school communities.

Over the past two years, we have witnessed first-hand the benefits of collaboration, shared resources and professional development that the Trust offers. Our pupils and staff have already experienced enriched educational experiences and greater opportunities to “step into their greatness” and we look forward to continuing this journey of excellence together.

Guy Perkins – Headteacher at Yattendon School & Jason Walters – Headteacher at Horley Infant School

During the onboarding phase, each school will have access to a range of professional development opportunities designed to support the growth and career progression of teaching staff.

We understand that change can bring challenges, but it also brings new possibilities building on a shared vision to create thriving communities where every member feels a sense of belonging and pride to deliver a shared vision of excellence.

We work hard to ensure our partner schools retain the unique qualities that make them individually special. This helps preserve the distinctive character and traditions which have made each school a cherished part of their local community.

We are thrilled to officially welcome Horley Infant School & Yattendon School to our family of schools. Their dedication to academic excellence and holistic development mirrors our core values, and over the past two years as Associate Schools, we have witnessed their commitment to innovation and excellence.

Together, we will continue to create an enriched educational environment where every pupil is encouraged and supported to reach their full potential.

Sue Wardlow – Greensand Multi Academy Trust Chief Executive Officer