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'They aren't listening' - Strategies for active listening

This week, we continue to take a look at the strand of Building Knowledge and Skills from the Greensand PACE model. 

One crucial aspect when building knowledge and skills within our lessons is the fact that students need to be actively listening. Often it can be obvious if they aren't, but sometimes, students simply doing something else related to their learning or the lesson, such as beginning a task too soon or writing a title whilst the teacher is still instructing from the front, can mean that crucial information is missed, which impacts on their learning. Consciously addressing this as teachers, to avoid splitting our students' attentions, is a quick win that can easily be implemented. 

Science teacher, author and blogger, Adam Boxer, describes some scenarios in which this might happen, and gives a practical description of how this can be addressed.

They aren’t listening

Mr A’s class are doing some independent practice about cells. One of the questions asks them to draw and label an animal cell. While Mr A is circulating, he notices that a couple of students have d…