Greensand Recruitment Booklet

Recruitment Booklet

Helping Children Step into their Greatness Our team of dedicated staff work tirelessly to ensure that every child receives a well-rounded education that nurtures their individual strengths and talents. We provide an inclusive and holistic education, promoting not only academic achievement but also personal growth, character development, and social responsibility. Our commitment to extracurricular activities, sports, and the arts enables our children to explore their passions, build confidence, and find pursuits that will provide lifelong fulfilment. By Helping Staff Step into their Greatness through Collaboration, Support and Challenge Providing high quality professional development for staff is at the heart of our Trust. We believe that continuous learning is the key to individual wellbeing and professional success. Our approach to teaching and learning is underpinned by the latest educational research and best practices, ensuring that our children receive the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. We provide professional development pathways for all staff with access to cutting-edge workshops, training sessions and resources to empower our staff with the knowledge and skills needed to help them step into their greatness. And Growing Great Schools that are even Better Tomorrow than they are Today Our Trust was formed in 2017 by a group of school leaders who believed that their own schools could be even better through a formal partnership where collaboration is compulsory, support to others is given generously and challenge is both provided and received with honesty and kindness. Greensand Multi Academy Trust brings together a group of schools, each with its unique strengths and attributes, united by a shared vision of excellence in education. By fostering a strong sense of community and partnership, we ensure that our schools share best practice, resources and expertise, creating an environment where every child can thrive. 4337 PUPILS 10 SCHOOLS 100 GOVERNORS 14 TRUSTEES 718 STAFF 4 MEMBERS OU R V I S I ON 2

3 “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Deputy Head at Wray Common School, and will continue to enjoy being part of the wider Greensand community of schools. From the outset, I have appreciated our school’s unwavering commitment to the development of the whole child – with their personal development valued equally alongside their academic progress, and a dedication to excellence in both. Staff across the Greensand Trust are renowned for their openness, approachability and consideration of each other’s wellbeing, which has undoubtedly been key to my own learning and development. I’ve also highly valued the wide range of opportunities I’ve had to collaborate with other leaders across the Trust, through network meetings, challenge visits and curriculum projects, which enable us to deliver our vision of helping children step into their greatness.” Tom Little Deputy Head, Wray Common Primary School Joined in 2021 Tom has been appointed Headteacher at Milton Mount Primary School from September 2024, following the existing Head’s retirement. 100% of leaders in the Trust would recommend their workplace as a good place to work. 2024 Staff Survey

Greensand schools have the highest expectations for all Greensand schools are driven to help every child, regardless of starting point or background, make excellent academic progress and achieve outcomes that enable them to thrive in the next stage of their life. We make no exceptions and no excuses. Greensand schools enrich children’s lives Through providing a stimulating curriculum and a wide range of inspirational and enriching opportunities including, drama, dance, art, music, sport, crafts, cultural and social events, Greensand schools are relentless in helping children to find pursuits that they love and develop the confidence to engage in them for life. Greensand schools prioritise the training, development and support of staff By providing clear career pathways, coupled with high quality training and support, Greensand schools create environments where every member of staff has the ability to step into their greatness. Greensand schools are places where people want to work and enjoy their jobs. Our schools take their responsibility for staff wellbeing very seriously and ensure that every individual has a voice that is listened to. Greensand staff are always striving to provide an excellent education and helping every child to step into their greatness. C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S O F G R E E N S A ND S C HOO L S Greensand schools use the PACE framework Greensand schools have a shared understanding of excellent teaching as detailed in our PACE (Pedagogy, Assessment, Curriculum and Expectations) framework. Every school in our Trust has a PACE leader who is a member of the Trust PACE Leadership Team. Together the team are continually engaged in high quality training and development, utilising the latest evidence-based research to ensure that our framework has the greatest impact on children’s outcomes. “Staff go above and beyond to help everyone including other staff, children, parents / carers and visitors.” 2024 Staff Survey 4

“The school is fantastic, the staff and students are amazing- it is a good community.” 2024 Staff Survey Greensand schools are welcoming Greensand schools provide a comprehensive education to the children in their local community. Our schools welcome their stakeholders and neighbours, encouraging partnerships and shared initiatives with schools and other organisations that serve the same community. Greensand schools have positive learning environments Our schools are places where people want to be, feel proud to be a part of and are inspired. Children, staff and visitors treat each other respectfully and with kindness. Children are taught and supported to make good choices about how they behave towards others and their environment. Greensand schools collaborate, support and challenge Each school collaborates with the other schools in the Trust. Staff willingly give their time to support colleagues in other schools and everyone welcomes critique from their peers as a tool for school improvement. We continually challenge ourselves to always be even better tomorrow than we are today. “A really friendly, supportive team at all levels. I feel appreciated and respected.” 2024 Staff Survey 5

“I started as a learning mentor at Milton Mount 5 years ago and after a year went on and trained as a Thrive Practitioner. Working as a Thrive Practitioner in Milton Mount has given me the opportunity to help children across the school. I have been provided with an environment to commit, reflect, and improve practice whilst enabling children to thrive. I am encouraged by the open-door policy run by the Senior Leadership Team, which has made me thrive as well. Seeing the children improve has been quite rewarding and l love my job.” Modupe Odeyinde Thrive Practitioner, Milton Mount Primary School Joined in 2014 “Having originally joined Greensand as a Teaching Assistant I soon took on the responsibility of teaching Modern Foreign Languages across Key Stage 2. I have now recently gained Higher Level Teaching Assistant status which gives me the opportunity to teach classes across the school in a range of subjects. The collaborative and supportive approach at Greensand allows plenty of opportunities for staff to gain experience and pursue personal areas of interest.” Victoria De’Ath Higher Level Teaching Assistant, St John’s Primary School Joined in 2021 97% of staff feel like part of a team with colleagues. 2024 Staff Survey 6

“I started working within Greensand Multi Academy Trust as a Finance Assistant at Reigate School eight years ago. I then became the School Business Manager at Holmesdale Community Infant School, assisted with finance at Wray Common Primary School, and I now work at Milton Mount and for the Trust Central Team. I have always felt very supported and have been given amazing professional development opportunities, for example, I did my AAT Assistant Accountancy apprenticeship whilst working at Holmesdale. The people I have worked with and the friends I have made since my time working in the Trust are irreplaceable. My roles are busy, varied and sometimes stressful but incredibly rewarding. Having a positive impact on children’s lives makes it the best job ever!” Alice Catling School Business Manager, Milton Mount Primary School Sustainability & Procurement Manager, Greensand Central Team Joined in 2016 “My Holmesdale journey started from being a Newly Qualified Teacher right at the start of the pandemic. Since then, I have learnt so much and I am incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities this role has given me. Through the support of the Holmesdale team, I have been able to grow and develop into the teacher I needed as a child.” Yasmin Lakhani Teacher, Holmesdale Community Infant School Joined in 2020 97% of staff would recommend their school to parents as a good place for children to study. 2024 Staff Survey 7

Stepping into our Greatness We harness the collective power of the schools that make up Greensand Multi Academy Trust through maximising the opportunities for collaboration and supporting the work and progress of others. We are committed to fostering a culture of wellbeing and professional growth and offer support and training to support all our staff step into their greatness. WH Y G R E E N S A ND “The support, friendship and laughs that come from working in our school and the Trust. The joy that comes with working with children.” 2024 Staff Survey “People I work with care about each other and about the children at the school.” 2024 Staff Survey Stepping into a Brighter Future We strive to be better tomorrow than we are today; to challenge ourselves to meet ambitious, inclusive and progressive strategic objectives and educational outcomes for all our children and young people. We want all our schools to have a strong sense of identity and purpose and for our organisation’s culture to be underpinned by trust, employee wellbeing and continuous improvement. We aspire to have world class educational facilities and resources that are inspirationally designed, immaculately maintained and at the forefront of educational development. We oppose all forms of discrimination; promoting equality, inclusion and equal opportunities is an integral part of our ethos. It extends beyond our policies and procedures and is defined by how we interact and treat each other in all aspects of the working environment. We aim to develop a culture of diversity and inclusion across all our schools and with our wider stakeholders, and to actively promote equality of opportunity for all staff, championing equality and diversity in all that we do. 8

Stepping up our Offer We recognise employee incentives have a positive impact on employee performance and job satisfaction and offer a range of initiatives to boost employee morale and to enhance employee retention. This includes: A benefits platform offering a range of retail, hospitality, fitness and leisure discounts, alongside a cycle to work scheme and a free will writing service. A ccess to a defined benefit pension scheme. A combination of flexible working arrangements to support our staff in maintaining a healthy work / life balance. A range of bespoke reward and recognition initiatives such as peer to peer recognition and appreciation, birthday celebrations and celebrating individual successes. Paid and unpaid special leave including flexibility to apply for a career break, or sabbatical, for up to 12 months. Remuneration in line with joint union recommended and negotiated pay scales. O ne to one and group coaching for leaders. Staff wellbeing package. P eer to peer networks for training and support. A comprehensive staff development package and career progression pathways. 9

“I love working at Reigate School. We are a close knit community and very supportive of one another; staff are happy and enjoy working here. Throughout my time here, I have been able to progress my career by taking on a variety of Teaching and Learning responsibilities. After making a difficult decision to leave in August 2023 to take up an Assistant Headteacher role elsewhere, I returned to Reigate School after a term because it just wasn’t the same! The staff here, and throughout the Greensand Trust, strive to do all they can for our students. These relationships, and the desire of staff to constantly improve their practice, are what make Greensand schools where I’d send my own children, safe in the knowledge that they will be getting a high quality education, delivered by dedicated staff.” Paul Collins Teacher, Reigate School Joined in 2017 “I started at Dovers Green in January 2020 as a one-to-one Teaching Assistant in Yellow Ladybirds to a lovely little girl. I really enjoyed this position and watching her grow and enjoy her learning every day. A position came up for the Office Assistant in March 2021 which I applied for and as this was now a part-time position, I felt privileged that I was able to work in the office in the morning and then support the little girl in the afternoon. I am now working full-time as the Office Manager which I really enjoy. It does come with its challenges, but I love that every day is different and having the interaction with both parents and children. Dovers Green is a great place to work, it has a warm and supportive atmosphere.” Victoria Egerton Office Manager, Dovers Green Infant School Joined in 2020 10


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