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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2023 – 2026

In conjunction with our vision, mission and six aspirational aims, we use the DfE Trust Quality Descriptions and the CST Building Strong Trusts: Assurance Framework, as a tool for evaluating the effectiveness of our Trust and a template for strategic planning.

Within our Trust we strive to achieve the optimal balance between individual school styles, alignment standardisation and centralisation in order to realise our vision.  The way in which we operate may change from year to year as we develop and respond to the needs of our Trust. This plan identifies what we believe is the best way of working to achieve our aspirational aims at this point in time.  In some cases, we will be working towards this way of working.

Helping children step into their greatness

  • High Quality and Inclusive Education
  • School Improvement

1. Every child, regardless of starting point or background, makes excellent academic progress and achieves outcomes that enable them to thrive in the next stage of their life

  • All pupils make exceptional progress from their starting points
  • All pupils attain academic outcomes that are better than they are likely to be in other schools
  • All children are knowledgeable, able and confident to make safe choices
  • All children are confident communicators with the language, knowledge, skills and strategies to access a full curriculum in school and beyond
  • The design and implementation of the curriculum in every school is ambitious, board and well-sequenced for every subject
  • The quality of teaching & learning is excellent across all schools
  • All leaders accurately assess the quality of education and effectively plan to ensure our schools are better tomorrow than they are today

2. Every child has the confidence to engage in a lifelong development of pursuits that they love

  • All children enjoy school and have excellent attendance
  • All children have the knowledge, strategies and resilience to support a healthy mind and body
  • All children make a positive contribution towards school, society and the environment

All children participate in activities beyond the formal curriculum

helping staff step into their greatness through collaboration, support and challenge

  • Workforce Resilience and Wellbeing

3. To be the employer of choice; recruiting and retaining the very best staff that share in the Greensand vision and aspirations for children

  • Always fully staffed in all schools
  • The diversity of our community is reflected in our staff
  • Excellent wellbeing climate – exceeding the wellbeing charter expectations

4. Every member of staff is motivated to improve and engages in highly effective training, support and development

  • Every member of staff fully trained and expert in their role
  • Leaders in Initial Teacher Training
  • Leaders in Early Career Training

Train and retain leaders who are committed to their own and others’ continual development

growing great schools that are even better tomorrow than they are today

  • Finance and Operations
  • Governance and Leadership

5. For our schools to be places where the Greensand community want to be, feel proud to be a part of and are inspired

  • At least 10 schools in Greensand
  • All compliance tracked centrally
  • All business functions fully aligned or centralised
  • All Greensand schools full
  • Greensand actively engaged in local and national education and/or community development
  • Culture and climate of transparency and respectful communication throughout the Trust
  • Greensand known in the education community and to the communities local to our schools as an excellent brand
  • Pupils, staff, governors and parents/carers feel a sense of belonging to Greensand

6. To have world class educational facilities and resources that are inspirationally designed, immaculately maintained and at the forefront of educational development

  • Premises and facilities opportunities maximised on all sites
  • Technology fully utilised for efficiency and educational purposes
  • Inspirational learning environments throughout all our schools
  • Income generation opportunities maximised
  • All schools carbon and water neutral
  • Joint procurement opportunities maximised