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Professional Development Hub

Professional Development Hub

Teachers Professional Development Hub - PACE

Welcome to the Greensand MAT Professional Development Hub. We believe that professional development is the vital ingredient that allows both staff and children to ‘step into their greatness’.  Our guiding principles are aligned with the EEFs (Educational Endowment Fund) guidance and recommendations and the Greensand PACE Framework. In a Greensand school, professional development effectively builds knowledge, motivates staff, develops techniques, and embeds practice. Professional development programmes are implemented with care, taking into consideration the context and needs of each of our unique schools.

Professional Development pathways are clearly defined and allow staff to see potential career journeys and mapped out opportunities within the Trust.


PACE Framework

PACE is the DNA that underpins the quality of education strategy at Greensand Multi Academy Trust. It is fundamental to the commitment that all children 'step into their greatness' through:

  • effective pedagogy
  • accurate and informative assessment 
  • an ambitious, balanced and coherent curriculum 
  • high expectations

We believe that when these principles are aligned, linked and underpinned they should facilitate effective learning for all children irrespective of their starting points.

The PACE Framework provides guiding principles to the Quality of Education in a Trust school. It gives alignment but allows contextual autonomy and individual school identity.  

Greensand Professional Development guiding principles provide the mechanisms to support effective PACE growth and innovation.

Principles of Teachers Professional Development


National Professional Qualifications

Teachers and School Leaders with Greensand have the opportunity to apply for a National Professional Qualification (NPQ) These are the most widely recognised qualifications in the education sector for current and aspiring leaders.

We are delighted to be in partnership with STSN and Teach First to provide leadership training and support for school leaders and early years professionals at all levels. NPQs will support you to develop the skills and knowledge to progress in your career and to support your school or setting.

For further information about specialist NPQs please click on the links below. If you are interested in applying for an NPQ please speak to your Headteacher or Professional Development lead.

NPQ in Leading Teaching (NPQLT)

NPQ in Leading Behaviour & Culture (NPQLBC)

NPQ in Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD)

NPQ in Leading Literacy (NPQLL)

NPQ in Senior Leadership (NPQSL)

NPQ in Headship (NPQH)

NPQ in Executive Leadership (NPQEL)

NPQ in Early Years Leadership (NPQEYL) 

Quality of Instruction

The Quality of Instruction programme will immerse delegates into eight principles of instruction ’challenge, explanation, questioning, feedback, practice, retrieval, modelling, scaffolding’ and will explore the evidence that sits behind them and how they can be mobilised in the classroom. By the end of the programme:

  • Delegates will have a strong understanding of the research evidence that sits behind the eight principles and why this supports learning.
  • Delegates will feel confident enough to implement these principles in their classroom.

Aimed at classroom teachers Years 3-5 on the Greensand Professional Development Pathway or any leaders, teachers and support staff interested in developing quality of instruction principles. If you are interested in attending this programme please speak to your Headteacher or Professional Development lead.