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PACE - DNA for greatness

With a clear mission to develop great leaders, teachers and a quality of education that allows children to thrive, the PACE Framework is leading the way.

Under the guidance of Director of School Improvement, Richie Emerson, Greensand Multi Academy Trust is centred on a philosophy outlined through the PACE Framework. This is the DNA that underpins the Quality of Education strategy and is fundamental to the commitment that all children ‘step into their greatness through:

  • Effective Pedagogy
  • Accurate and informative Assessment       
  • An ambitious, balanced and coherent Curriculum
  • High Expectations

PACE principles are aligned, linked and facilitate effective learning for all children irrespective of their starting points but allow contextual autonomy and individual school identity.

Professional development is fundamental in supporting PACE implementation and development across the Trust. Focused on a variety of subjects from Leadership and Management to the Quality of Instruction, Inclusivity and Upskilling, these network meetings and workshops sit in tandem with our clearly defined professional development pathways, providing the right structure to help our teachers and leaders step into their greatness through collaboration, support and challenge. 

PACE Leadership & Quality of Instruction Session

This successfully helps equip them to meet the Trust’s wider mission - to enrich the lives of every child by providing inspiring and transformational learning, cultural and life experiences.

Working with all schools within the Trust also puts us in the advantageous position where we’re able to harness the collective power of the schools, maximizing the opportunities for collaboration, whilst supporting the work and progress of others.  PACE helps motivate our employees to always strive to provide an excellent education.

Forthcoming sessions for our teaching staff include:

  1. Collaboration - Executive Education Team Meetings - focussed on improving learning in our schools.
  2. Trust-wide training event for Govs & Trustees – ensuring the voluntary network is suitably skilled for the role of supporting our Trust & schools.

With a proven track record of helping our teachers and leaders successfully develop their potential we’re committed to a programme that focuses on a quality of education framework that is based in research, has its architecture designed and developed collaboratively across the Trust, and is centred around all children stepping into their greatness.

“PACE has been and continues to be a collaborative process of development. Its strength lies in a foundation based on research and what great teachers do in our schools. It provides a common language across our Trust and enables teachers and leaders to provide the best education they can for our children.”

Richie Emerson – Director of School Improvement

Richie Emerson