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Narrate the positive

This week, we take anther look at the strand from the Greensand PACE framework, Building Relationships.

This week's blog looks at one incredibly useful tool which allows teachers to do exactly this: the technique of 'narrating compliance'. That is to say, spotting and verbally noticing those students that are doing the right thing, whether it be at the start of a lesson or during. Students not following instructions are usually incredibly quick to want to fall into line, keeping a positive climate in the classroom whilst also vastly reducing the amount of learning time wasted. 

It can take a while to become habitual, but it's a small change for a big reward!

‘Narrate the Positive’

My students had no intention of ending their conversations. Thirty seconds into class, stapled packets lay untouched on their desks as I stammered from the doorway. “We should be starting our—” “I …


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