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Work the clock

This week we take our second look at the Classroom Climate strand of the Greensand PACE model. 

This blog, written by Darren Leslie, owner of the excellent Becoming Educated podcast, examines how we make our students aware of time within our classroom so that the full allocation of minutes within a lesson is used to best effect. There are various ways of doing this, and with all, we have to be aware that we don't want any methods to be a distraction (extraneous load) to our students' working memories.

However, as the blog argues, explicitly referring to how long students have on a task and responding in the moment if more time might be required, is one quick way of giving our students the best opportunity to willingly put themselves into the struggle zone and aim for success within a time-bonded period, which can be built on in future lessons.

Work The Clock

Time is arguably the greatest resource you can have in the classroom. How can we maximise it by showing the clock and using countdowns.

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