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A guide to Rosenshine's principles of instruction

This week we take a second look at the strand of the Science of Learning from the Greensand PACE model. 

Barak Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction remain one of the most succinct and accessible ways in which teachers can implement the practical application of the findings of cognitive science (the science of learning and memory). 

Each principle takes into account the limitations of working memory and our efforts as educators to embed new content into our students' long term memory (their internal web of knowledge or schema). The principles are essentially a practical guide to the most effective teaching methods based on 'best bets' from cognitive science.



A brief guide to Rosenshine's 10 Principles of Instruction

What are Rosenshine's 10 Principles of Instruction? How do they work? And how can you use them in your classroom? Find out in this brief introduction.